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Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels are the best because they have hidden fasteners vs 5V metal roof panels with exposed fasteners, call 800-303-3309.  Standing Seam metal roofs are referred to as a hidden fastener roofing system and superior to an exposed fastener roofing system.  If you can see the screws when looking at a metal roof, they are called exposed fasteners. If you can’t see the screws or fasteners, you most likely are looking at a standing seam metal roof panel. The standing seam metal roofing panels are fastened to the wooden deck but are not exposed to the elements and weather directly as an exposed fastener system would be. There are over 20 different metal roof colors to choose from.  Metal roofing contractors recommend standing seam metal roofs best because it’s a great product for the money over years with less maintenance. 

Best Standing Seam Metal Roof Contractor

The best standing seam metal roof contractor offers great roofing products, service, and an affordable standing seam metal roof price.  We want to be your local standing seam metal roofing contractor.

A standing seam metal roof contractor will tell you that having hidden fasteners away from rain, winds and various types of storms increases your metal roof life.  There is no doubt that a hidden fastener or standing seam metal roof is a superior roofing system using the correct materials.  A standing seam fastener is concealed/hidden under the metal roofing panel and as the metal expands and contracts if the seal around the fastener is slightly compromised the metal panels will function as normal.

An exposed fastener metal roofing system can be very good as long as it’s installed well with the proper materials.  Unfortunately, many metal roofing contractors cut corners by installing thin metal roofing panels, low end fasteners, and roof over existing old roof.  Exposed fasteners are not bad by any means, but lack the longevity and long-term saving of a standing seam metal roof panel.  An honest metal roofing company will give you the difference between exposed and non-exposed screws/fasteners. Often metal roofing companies use lower end fasteners and will even talk homeowners and business owners to keep the existing roofing materials on the roof without removing them.  Standing seam are nice but exposed fasteners can be good if installed correctly.  A metal roof with exposed fasteners should be inspected for maintenance issues due to metal fatigue due to temperature variances, wind stress and falling debris.  Your metal roof should be checked annually to see if the fasteners have been compromised and at some time a maintenance may be needed.  This maintenance can add years to your metal roof.  Your metal roof is always expanding and contracting from the sun, rain and temperature changes day in and day out.  This constant exposure to the weather can and will fatigue a metal roof and if left unmanaged your roof will not last as long as it should.  A metal roofing contractor will need to come out and replace warn fasteners with slightly larger fasteners to maintain a water-tight roofing solution.  Find a local Standing Seam Metal Roofing Contractor with the best roof system, affordable prices, and great service.

Compare Standing Seam/Hidden Fasteners vs 5V Crimp/Exposed Fasteners

Compare standing seam metal roofing vs exposed fasteners metal roofing isn’t always as simple as you would think.  On one hand if you use quality products both products can be better when using a thicker and stronger metal roofing panel.  We don’t feel that a 29-gauge metal is thick enough so we like a 26-gauge or thicker 24-gauge metal roofing panel for a better metal roofing system.  If you get standing seam or exposed fastener roofing panel with a thicker 26 or 24-gauge metal panel you will want a good quality underlayment and fastener/screw.  An exposed fastener roof with good underlayment and a more expensive fastener will perform very well in the long run.  Keep in mind that sometime in the future you will still have to inspect your exposed fasteners for the wearing of the seal and possible maintenance.  If you want a superior metal roofing system with either product a peel and stick underlayment will provide the best water barrier should our roof, be compromise, within reason.  Don’t misunderstand what is being said here; a standing seam roof can out live an equal metal type of panel with less or without maintenance due to hidden fasteners over the roof’s life span.  Remember a standing seam/hidden fasteners vs exposed fastener roof is only as good as the products purchased and the quality of installation.  Comparing a standing seam metal roof vs exposed fastener metal roof can be simple when you are educated by our standing seam metal roofing contractors.  Call us to find out more about a standing seam/hidden fastener vs exposed fastener roof and how we can accomplish what you are looking for.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Green, and Environmentally Friendly

Standing Seam Metal Roof Companies provide the public with an environmentally safe or green product vs asphalt shingle.  People want green or environmentally friendly products.  Metal Roofing vs Shingle Roofing is green because metal is recyclable were shingle breakdown into small pieces as they age.  To reduce the growth of our landfills unrecyclable products like asphalt shingles need to be addressed. Asphalt shingles are not only a burden to landfills, they are toxic to underground water, lakes and rivers.  Keep in mind that many older buildings with asphalt shingles made prior to 1980 may contain asbestos.  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are found in asphalt and considered carcinogenic in nature.  The difference between a Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingle Roof become clear based on roof strength and being environmentally health.  Today’s shingles are asbestos free and safe, but metal is stronger, last longer and better for the environment overall.  We install shingle roofs but more and more people are seeing the benefit of metal roofs vs shingle.  Our roofing contractors will professionally install a quality shingle roof vs a metal roof, if a metal roofing is not preferred.  In conclusion, a standing seam or metal roof is very green or environmentally friendly vs a shingle roof.

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