Metal Roof vs Shingle Roof Pro & Con

Compare Metal Roof vs Shingle Roof

Metal Roof vs shingle roof pros and cons for cost, hurricane winds, strength, life span, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly 800-303-3309.  There are many reasons why people want to compare metal roof vs shingle roof cost. Most people replacing their roofs and considering the pros and cons of metal roof vs shingle roofs will fall into these 4 categories.

    1. Be aware of the risks if you do not replace a shingle roof that is older than 15 years, or metal roof that is 40 years old to avoid or mitigate severe hurricane damage.
    2. Other owners are forced by their homeowner’s insurance carriers to replace a shingle roof that is around 15 years old, or a metal roof that is 40 years old to avoid hurricane claims.  Many insurance companies can and will cancel a policy because it’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain the roof.
    3. Roofs are replaced because they have been damaged by a severe storm, hurricane, tornado, fire, tree damage, hail, ice, or other acts of God.
    4. Homeowners want a new roofing system for new construction, newly purchased property, or investment property for a curbside appeal or longevity.

Let’s talk about the shingle and metal roof cost/price comparisons between the two roofing systems. When comparing a metal roof vs shingle roof cost, you must have a reasonable idea about the years you plan on owning your home or commercial property.

metal roof vs shingle roof

Shingle Roof Cost Pros

Shingles are less expensive for the first 15 years. Depending on you roofing contractor, metal roofs can range between 30-50% more than a shingle roof.

Metal Roof Cost Pros

Metal roofs are very affordable compared to replacing a shingle roof with another shingle roof in 15-16 years. This means you are paying for two shingle roofs in 16 years instead of one metal roof. Remember, the increase prices for any roof in 16 years could leave you depressed.

If you want to upgrading to a metal roof after your first shingle roof purchase, now you will not have only paid for the first shingle roof but now you’re paying for a metal roof at whatever the current day price is for the roof.

Even if you do not plan on owning a property for over 15 years, most people want the cost and hassle that comes with property damage that can be done with a less expensive shingle roof that is rated at 115 mph winds over a metal roof that can handle 140 mph winds. 

Shingle Roof Cost Cons

Shingle normally needs to be replaced in 15 years. Who wants to pay twice if metal roofs are more cost effective if you plan on owning for 15 years. Metal roofs can last between 40-50 years.

Depending on the size (for example), a shingle roof today cost $15,000 could increase by 40-50% more expensive in 15 years when it needs to replaced again. Now you had to pay $15,000 today and another $21,000 or more, that adds up to $36,000 on the low end. That’s why we always ask how long an owner plans on keeping his or her real estate property.

Metal Roof Cost Cons

A metal roof cost more than a shingle roof if you plan on keeping your property for under 15 years. Some people like the look of a shingle roof vs a metal roof.


When it comes to picking between a metal roof vs a shingle roof, sometimes it’s not about cost or money. Sometimes it simply comes down to an individual personal preference, look, style or HOA/Association bylaws.

Compare Hurricane Wind Warranty, Pros and Cons

Shingle Roof Hurricane Wind Warranty Pros

  • Most common architectural shingles are warrantied up to 110 mph. Higher end shingles that are more expensive have a warranty up to 130 mph winds with disclaimers.

Shingle Roof Hurricane Wind Warranty Cons

  • Hurricane winds can and have exceeded 110 mph which can void a shingle warranty.
  • Even the higher end shingles will be looked at for replacement after 15 years and the cost can be better spent on a stronger and longer lasting 40-year metal roof.

Metal Roof Hurricane Wind Warranty Pros

  • Metal roofs are warranted for up to 140 mph winds and offer the best hurricane wind warranty vs shingles.

Metal Roof Hurricane Wind Warranty Cons

  • It’s hard to find fault in a metal roof hurricane wind warranty compared to a shingle when a metal roof is superior to a shingle roof.

Compare Energy Efficiency, Pros and Cons

Shingle Roof Energy Efficiency Pros

  • A lighter shingle color is a little more energy efficient vs a darker shingle.
  • Shingles are not as energy efficient than metal roofs.

Shingle Roof Energy Efficiency Cons

  • Although shingles are a good product, they are not as energy efficient vs a metal roof.

Metal Roof Energy Efficiency Pros

  • Metal roofs are more energy efficient vs a shingle roof. Metal roofs can be between 20%-40% more energy efficient than shingles depending on the color and reflective coating process.

Metal Roof Energy Efficiency Cons

  • The only metal roof energy efficiency cons are hard to find. The simple fact may come down to wanting a traditional shingle roof or an HOA or governing entity will not allow a metal roof to be built within a deed restrictive community.

Keep in mind that many homeowner’s insurance policies are willing to cancel a policy, if a shingle roof that exceeds 15 years of age or 30-40 years for a metal roof. When shopping for homeowner’s insurance it’s important to ask the agent if one company will insure a meet roof for 30 or 40 years old. The longer the roof is insured for the less surprises you’re encounter. 

Never mind that most shingle manufactures offer a 30 year or limited life-time warranty, because strong storm and small print facts can render them useless. Shingles in Florida are normally past their peak around 15 years of age and that’s why insurance companies want owners to replace them as a regular household maintenance task. When comparing a metal roof vs shingle roof, feel free to contact us at 800-303-3309.

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