Metal Roof Cost | How much does a metal roof cost?

metal roof costA metal roof cost or metal roof price will vary from $850 – $1,100 per 10X10 square depending on thickness, style, and color, call 800-303-3309. The price of metal roof coils can change based on the stock market commodity cost. If you have to replace your roof, a metal roof is always cheaper to buy now compared to waiting months or years. 

The other factors that can affect the cost is based on an installation waste factor, height risk, and complexity of a building structure. When we talk about the complexity, we are talking about the roof pitch, number of hips, valleys, vent types, gutters, and even solar panels to name a few. The contractor’s ability to give the customer the best metal roofing price should never compromise the quality of materials, installation, and service. The metal roof price normally includes tearing off the old roof to the wooden deck, be inspect, and to replace a couple of boards if needed. 

If more than a couple sheets of plywood are bad and need to be removed and replaced, a preset price may be charged. This is to ensure that your roof is safe to install a new roof and pass the county or city inspection. Soffit is not part of the roofing system and not included in a standard metal roofing price. Fascia is a part of the roofing system and may be addressed if needed. 

Fascia replacement is a different price from the metal roof cost if needed. If the fascia needs to be removed and replaced it should be brought up during the time of the estimate. There are times when the fascia is damaged and not seen. Fascia metal covering is taken off during the installation. When damaged fascia is found it need to be replaced, the owner should be advised, if available.  The fascia is important part of your roofing system. The best metal roof price is one that is given to you by a competent and professional roofing consultant who will explain things that you need to know.

Galvanized Steel Metal Roof Cost

A galvanized steel metal roof cost will vary form $850 -$1,100 per 10X10 square, making it the best roof value for 40-years. The price of a galvanized metal roof panel is the better panel available vs aluminum, zinc, and cooper. The contractor’s ability to give the customer the best metal roofing price should never compromise the quality of materials, installation, and service.

Aluminum Metal Roof Cost | How much does an Aluminum roof cost?

An aluminum metal roof cost is normally priced between $1,100 -$1,300 per 10X10 square. Note, there are other factors that can bring the prices above those shown here based on the height, risk, pitch, and complexity of a building structure. The cost of aluminum is a more expense commodity than a galvanized metal roof. More importantly, aluminum is rust resistant and used for homes near salt water beaches. Another type of metal used for metal roofs near salt water and beaches is zinc, which is very expensive and rarely used.

Metal Roof Cost and Shingle Cost  

To compare a metal roof price vs shingle price varies on how long you plan to own your property or a desire for a stronger roof system.  In recent years, insurance companies want homeowners to replace their shingle roof anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, a metal roof can last twice as long. When shopping for a homeowner’s insurance policy it’s always best to ask the agent how long they will cover a metal roof vs a shingle roof

Always ask about a metal roof price compared to shingle roof price. You will be unhappy in 15 years when you have to replace a shingle roof that could cost double the price. Depending on how long you plan on owning your residential or commercial property, a metal roof can save you thousands of dollars and offer you a stronger product for you and your family. 

If residential or commercial property owners have an older roof, potential buyers may be scared off due to the idea of spending more money after the purchase.   A future buyer, knowing the roof is near to the end of its lifespan may ask for a reduction of the selling price. Every real estate transaction has its own potential story that can help or hurt an equitable deal. 

When purchasing a roof, comparing metal vs shingle roof prices isn’t a simple question without knowing how long you plan on owning your property and future goals. Keep in mind that a long-term real estate purchase is much better off with a metal roof, and a shorter term better with shingles. Contact us for the best metal roof prices compared to shingle roof prices at 800-303-3309.

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