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We offer 30 Metal roof colors for homes and business using the best Kynar 500® PVDF color coat process and SMP for agricultural use, call 808-303-3309.  Getting the best metal roof colors is important, but it’s even more important to know what type of color coating product you are buying for years later. 

The Silicone-Modified Polyester or “SMP” metal roof color coating is a harder and very durable paint, but suffers from long term paint fading and chalking issues over PVDF. The SMP paint system is normally used for barns and large agricultural facilities because it’s more cost-effective, and curb appeal is not as important.

There are several types of Polyvinylidene Fluoride or “FVDF” metal roof color coating systems. The most well-known is The Kynar 500® PVDF color product, which is commonly used in commercial and residential roofs. The Kynar product has a longer lasting roof color for 40-50 years compared to a SMP color system that will fade and chalk before the Kynar product.

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Compare Kynar 500 ® PVDF vs SMP Metal Roof Colors Coating

Compare Kynar 500® vs SMP metal roof painting is simple, Kynar 500 is the best metal roof color coating system in general for home and business, Kynar 500 offers the best product and SMP for agricultural 800-303-3309.

  1. PVDF – Kynar 500 ® is a 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride resin combined with a patented product to provide a long-lasting coating that resist fading and chalking that happens with SMP coating. If you are putting a roof on a farm house, we would recommend a Kynar 500® product.
  2. SMP – Silicone Modified Polyester is a harder product than PVDF but doesn’t meet the longevity and over all need for a curbside attraction over the years. SMP is a little more affordable compared to PVDF. Make sure if you are buying a residential or commercial metal roof that you’re getting a Kynar 500® PVDF product. It has happened where roofing contractors will install a SMP product if you’re not informed by the company representative who sold you the roof. Large commercial building may want a less expensive SMP roofing product if the building is large and the color isn’t all that important over the years.

When you are looking for a variety of the best metal roof colors, we have what you are looking for. We have over 30 colors to pick from and the best metal roof colors coated with the Kynar 500® PDVF products. Comparing Kynar 500 PVDF vs SMP color coating depends if your roof is being installed on a residential, commercial, or agricultural building.

Metal Roof Color Warranty

Our metal roof color warranty is supplied by our distributor when using the Kynar 500® PVDF Fluropon product. The metal roof color warranty is a 40-year limited warranty on color and durability. See details of the installing agreement for your labor warranty, normally between 5-10 years. The metal roofing company installing the roof will provide you with written details.

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