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Aluminum Roofs are the best for Saltwater Beach Home Roofs

Aluminum RoofAluminum Roofing Contractors recommend aluminum roofs vs steel roofs when exposed to beach area saltwater, call 800-303-3309.  An aluminum metal roofs has a life span of 40-50 years and normally cost between $1,000 -$1,300 per 10X10 square. If you own a house on the beach, near the beach, or near salt water access, you are subject to the corrosive agents that salt has. In many cases most steel metal roofing manufactures will not warranty a steel metal roof within 1,500 feet of a saltwater source.  

Most first-time homeowners or business owners who move on or near the beach quickly learn how the salt in the air can affect the deterioration if their property.  Property owners near saltwater normally purchase an aluminum roof because if they purchase a steel roof. Typically, they will have to prematurely replace the roof years before it’s normal lifespan. Most metal roofing systems not near the salt are all steel metal roofs and are less expensive. Now you understand that saltwater isn’t corrosive to an aluminum roof, which makes an aluminum roof the best roof for a saltwater beach home or any roof exposed to saltwater.

How much does an Aluminum Roof Cost

An aluminum metal roof cost is normally priced between $1,100 – $1,300 per 10X10 square. Keep in mind, there are other factors that can bring the prices above those shown here based on the height risk, number of valleys, hips, pitch and complexity of a building structure. The cost of aluminum is a more expense commodity than a galvanized metal roof. The price of an aluminum coil price will change because it’s a commodity on the stock markets and we are subject to the markets.

Aluminum Roofing vs Galvanized Steel Metal Roof

aluminum roofsCompare an aluminum metal roof vs galvanized steel metal roof performance depends on several factors, such as location and cost.  Most people only use aluminum metal roofing when the location is near or on the beach and exposed to saltwater. 

It’s key to know that a galvanized steel metal roofing lifespan is substantially reduced when exposed to salt water, compared to aluminum roofs. Aluminum is more expensive than steel metal roofing and therefore steel is more commonly used unless your roof is exposed to saltwater.

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