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affordable metal roofAffordable Metal Roofing Contractor and low-cost roofing company offer quality service with the best cheap metal roofing prices 800-303-3309.  Everyone wants to find a budget friendly metal roofing company that offers a superior service and installation. It is nice to know you can purchase the same quality metal roof from us that often costs more from another metal roofing contractor. 

We can even take it one step furfure and tell you that many homeowners have paid more money for a thinner metal product. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to buy a thinner 26-gauge metal panel when they could have installed a thicker 24-gauge metal panel for the same price. It’s important to know that a 24-gauge metal roof panel is thicker than a 26-gauge metal panel, most people think it’s the opposite, but 24-gauge is a stronger metal for the money. 

If you buy from an affordable metal roofing company who offers a quality roof at the cheapest metal roofing price, you win. When you are ready for a quality roof from an affordable metal roofing contractor with the best cheap metal roof prices, call us.

Affordable metal roofing compared to shingles over time

metal roof vs shingle roof

Metal roofs are more affordable compared to shingles over time because a metal roof can last twice as long as a shingle roof. If you plan on living in your home for 15 years, why pay for two roofs? God knows, a roof could cost 50% or more in 15 years. Insurance companies now make homeowners and businesses owners replace their shingle roof near the age of 10-15 years old, depending on the insurance provider guidelines. 

Do not be fooled, the manufacturer warranties shingles come with a 25 or 30 lifetime/limited-lifetime guarantee, but the insurance companies are not stupid. The insurance companies know that the manufacturer warranty periods are for marketing and fall short of their insurable need. A shingle roofs effective lifespan against the elements starts deteriorating and become a liability for them in 15 years. Because insurance companies want shingle roofs replaced at a maximum of 15 years, making a metal roof affordable compared to a shingle roof.

On the other hand, an affordable metal roof has a longer lifespan, with many lasting up to 50 years or more. When looking for homeowner’s insurance find insurance companies that will allow up to 30 years before a mandatory replacement for a roof. It is important to ask your insurance company about their replacement policy for a metal roof. If you plan on staying at your property for 5-10 years, your goals may be different. In the long run a metal roof can be more affordable than shingles because a metal roof can last 35 years longer than a shingle roof.

Affordable Metal Roof for Cheaper A/C and Electrical Bills

An affordable metal roofing reflects the solar radiant heat and can reduce your cooling costs by 10-15%, providing you with a cheaper electrical bill. The reflective properties of a metal roof mean that less heat is absorbed into the home, allowing cooling systems to function more efficiently and use less energy. This reduced energy usage directly leads to lower carbon footprints and significant savings on energy bills, especially in summer. 

We call metal roofs affordable because a budget friendly metal roof reduces your A/C and electrical bills also. Who does not want a more energy efficient roof to save money on his or her electric bill? Saving money on an affordable roofing system and getting a stronger roof at the same time is a winning combination.

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